Manipur Education

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Khumlo Dowlliri - LKG
BD. Hmanwar - 7th Grade
LH. Anghmin - 10th Grade
BD. Joynihring - 7th Grade
RD. Konohring - 10th Grade
BD. Memory - 4th Grade
BD. Luksmi - 7th Grade
BD. Ruwnghman - 9th Grade
CH. Deilunglia - 4th Grade
HB. Mila - 7th Grade
KL. Jawar - 2nd Grade
KL. Khihrinni - 4th Grade
KL. Bechung - 10th Grade
KL. Donalson - 10th Grade
KL. Hringhman - 8th Grade
KL. Jahida - 10th Grade
KL. Moniwar - 4th Grade
KL. Jovi - 7th Grade
KL. Phowltha - UKG
KL. Notha - 5th Grade
KL. Romina - 12th Grade
KL. Rewardson - 12th Grade
KL.Tajani - 8th Grade
AT. Olnihring - 8th Grade
PS. Changni - 10th Grade
BD. Punshi - 8th Grade
CH. Rasayi - 6th Grade
PR. Renghoi - 8th Grade
RD. Lekhan - 12th Grade
SK. Ringwar - 10th Grade
RNG. Linda - 6th Grade
RT. Sevenson - 10th Grade
LM. Skhembor - 12th Grade
WL. Totori - 8th Grade
T. Preety - 10th Grade
SR. Amesri - 8th Grade
TS. Puntha - 9th Grade
T. Morangam - 12th Grade
WL. Changbingam - 8th Grade
WL. Thumwahring - 12th Grade
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