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Little Drops Inc., USA Team

Subramanian (Mani) Venkatachalam


Mani is the executive director and co-founder of Little Drops Inc. and has been an avid supporter of his childhood friend, Edgar Jones Paul, since he started the Oldage Home in Chennai in 1991. He manages the operations and finances of the organization.

Edgar Jones Paul (Johnny)


Johnny, who comes from a family of 7 (4 brothers and 3 sisters), lost his father when he was 12. It was a difficult childhood but he worked for a large Indian airline company, from which he took voluntary retirement to devote all his time to the home. He serves as the co-founder of Little Drops in India. 

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Sabari Subramanian


Sabari serves as the co-founder and Webmaster of Little Drops Inc. He also leads marketing efforts for the organization. From 2014-2016, he served as Founding President of the Little Drops Club at Sycamore High School, which aims to create awareness and raise funds for the home with the help of High School students. He currently works as a Treasury Management Analyst for PNC Financial Services Group in Chicago, Illinois.

Brinda Subramanian


Brinda has been actively involved with Little Drops, India, since 1995. She currently manages the fundraising events for Little Drops Inc. She currently works as a Patient Service Specialist for United Health Group in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Mahesh Nagesh


Mahesh is a director of Little Drops Inc. and is currently pursuing a Ph. D. in Mechanical Engineering at the University of Cincinnati. He has been actively involved with Little Drops Inc. since 2017. He supports activities related to the website and leads the outreach of the organization. 

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