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Little Drops Flood Rehab

In early December 2015, the city of Chennai, India was in a state of crisis due to torrential raining that had caused massive floods. Hundreds died and thousands were forced to evacuate their homes. Rains continued over the next 3 days. There were major infrastructure damages which caused severe logistical issues, leaving families without food and water. Our Little Drops family was severely impacted by these floods (the Little Drops Home- Chennai is the parent organization of Little Drops Inc.-USA). The Little Drops Home, with 900 elderly and dozens of families with children, had to vacate their ground floor facilities and take refuge on higher floors. Food and water were scarce and emergency efforts took place to bring supplies to the Home. Communication was limited due to power outages in Chennai. 


We would like to thank everyone who has donated towards the Little Drops Chennai Flood Relief. We appreciate your support tremendously. Since the flood has affected the center, much work has been done to rehabilitate and replenish the residents as well as rebuild the home itself. We could not have accomplished this without the support we have received. Thank you all very much!


-Little Drops Inc. Team

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